India Diary - 14 October 2001

I visisted a great open air market this morning (that Lol'l love - check out all that scrap!)

Open air Market
Open Air Market
Any ol' Iron, steel, rust...?

I'm trying to collect recipes as I travel around the world. I've been meaning to put some of them up onto the website for quite some time, but just never seem to have got around to it, 'till now that is - please feel free to go and take a look at my Indian recipe collection. I've put together some basic Indian recipes (thanks to Dipak) that I hope to add to as I keep travelling. (I'll have to catch up with the Israeli ones later!).

10 October was 'Servas' day here in India. This was to commemerate the annual birthday of the organisation here in India. To celebrate, we're having some hosts from Ahmedabad round here this evening for chai.
Servas Meeting
Servas Meeting

We ate out this evening. A meal for two cost me 72 Rupees (work it out yourself!), and it t'were grand!

Eating Out
Eating Out at the 'Town Hall' (ask any Rickshaw Wallah)

Kulfi to finish. I heartily recommend the Kaju-Drakdh, (raisin and cashew nut) although the pistachio is also very good and the Anjeer (fig) is not bad either.

Kulfi for dessert

To tomorrow...

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