India Diary - 15 October 2001

We did quite a lot of travelling today. We went up to see a historical site at Kaleshwari Nal about 120 km from Ahmedabad. Getting there took around six hours, by bus (and you know how I love them!). On the way back we took a 'super' rickshaw part of the way. But first, the purpose of the journey: I've got some pictures of the step wells, temples, monuments, and views for you, oh and some needless gratuitous shots of statues with big tits - just 'cos I felt like it.

Mother in Law's step well

Looking up from the base of the well

The daughter in Law's well

Known locally as the temple with a dome

The view...

On the way back, we bumped into the all Gugarat school's Kabadi championships at Malpur. Kabadi used to be shown a lot on Channel 4, so I knew the rules, which helped a lot. The game is relatively straight forward. There are two teams, and the purpose of the game is get the opposition out. You do this by catching one of their raiders. The raider on the other hand is trying to touch your defenders and return to their half but without being caught. To complicate matters, the raider must complete their raid in only one breath - proving to the referees by constantly chanting. Anyway, enough of that, have a look at the photos - hopefully that may help to clear things up a little.

Girls' Kabadi - a raider tries to imfaltrate her opponents' half

She got caught!

The journey home didn't take quite the six hours of getting there, but was quite an adventure in itself. First of all we hitched back from the site to the local town by jeep, then we took a suped up rickshaw to the closest major town. There were 12 people in the rickshaw (okay, you can't see that many in the photo, but you're gonna have to trust me on the rest!)...

12 People in my rickshaw.
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To tomorrow...

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