New Zealand Diary 18 June 2002

I thought that I should spend some time working out what I'm going to do while I'm here. So today, it was out with the books an the maps to try and figure out what to do with myself for six weeks.

I'm going to be traveling south from Auckland in the north island all the way down to Christchurch in the south island. The plan at the moment is simply to book onto a tour to let them take out most of the hassle of map reading, but take some major time out and go and visit a few places on my own. I'll see how it goes. To quell my need to 'go it alone', I've decided to give in, hire a car and do the very top of the north island, Northland on my own. This is where you get to see the bay of islands, the wreck of Greenpeace's Rainbow Warrior, 90 mile beach and the place where the two oceans meet at the northernmost tip of the country... Should take me three days and then I'll be on a bus for the rest...

To tomorrow

Created by Dan Leigh /06/02