New Zealand Diary19 June 2002

I started my trip up Northland in the drizzle. I passed through Orewa on the way to the Bay of Islands and Margret, my Servas host in Kaeo. I also stopped at the Whangarei Falls (see the picture above) in the rain. I tried to get to see the glow worms at Kawiti caves, but they were closed as they were flooded out.

The Bay of Islands didn't quite look like the postcards. The clouds virtually obscured the entire view. The weather closed in over the rest of the day.

My Servas host and her family are somewhat out of town. Margret lives on a farm 25km north of Kaeo, the closest town. I didn't quite manage to find her place, but I did manage to find the local pub. So I waited there 'till Julie, Margret's daughter finished work and came to pick me up!

Hopefully the weather will clear up and I'll be able to take a look around the north of the island tomorrow.

To tomorrow

Created by Dan Leigh 20/06/02