Australia Diary 12 January 2002

We all went camping this weekend. Jen, Jamie, Simon, Emma and I piled into their wagon and we drove off in the direction of 'cucumber', or was that supposed to be Kincumber, ending up at Putty Beach. Putty is a beautiful little beach with a campsite set a stone's roll (like a stone's throw - i.e. a short distance - only shorter!) to the beach

We wasted no time to undertake all of the usual weekend, camping at the beach style activities. These included the, 'trying to see how much a bottle of vodka can be drunk in the dark', star gazing from the beach, getting bitten to death by mossies (at least there's no risk of malaria here though), having a BBQ and sleeping badly on a tent floor (although the vodka does help to soften the bed somewhat).

To tomorrow

Created by Dan Leigh 21/01/02