Australia Diary 13 January 2002

Had a bit of a nightmare last night. This was due mainly to a group of Aussies from Paramatta (which is alledged to be full of dodgy inbreds of dubious intellegence and background) who were making a racket (noise) until maybe 5 or 6 in the morning. So obviously wewere then forced to make breakfast as loudly as possible the next day.

We went swimming in the pool in local town of Gosford, mainly because they had hot showers which were lacking at the camping site. Macmasters beach, just down the road had some of the largest surf that I've seen yet. Certianly strong enough so that I could practice the difficult skill of getting a wave to crash over your head, swallowing half of it, then timming your way to the surface so that you don't quite have enough time before the next wave repeats the process. I think that I've more or less got this skill mastered. I'm now trying to factor the boogie board into the exercise by trying to arrange for the board to swing round in the air, clouting (hitting) me on the back or side of the head as I come up for air as well. I'm pretty good at this extended skill as well.

To tomorrow

Created by Dan Leigh 21/01/02