India Diary - 9 Setember 2001

I met up with a Servas host today - Ramesh. Some of his friends were also there: Chandra Pal from Calcutta, Krishna from Agra and Ragendra Singh who lives and works in the Alwar district of Rajasthan

Hindi lesson number 1.
I've been sitting in lectures given exclusively in Hindi for five hours. They were given by Ragendra Singh, winner of a prize equivalent (so I've been told) to the Nobel, but on a regional basis, for the South-East Asia area. I thought that I'd share a little of the Hindi that I picked up:

English Hindi
How do you doKai ha-hi
Goodbye / See youBye / Phir merengi
FoodKhana (or bhojan)
I would like some food Mu-jai khana khana hai
What is your name?Aapka nam kya hai?
My name is ...Mera nam ... hai
How long is it until ...... kitni door hai

Rajendra Singh, Chandra Pal, Krishna and I will be travelling to a village in Alwar tonight.

To tomorrow...

Created by Dan Leigh 9/9/01