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kidsvillage hut

Today was spent mostly seeing the sort of work that has been carried out by Mr Singh and his staff that led to the prize being awarded to him. Basically, they've arranged for 'johad' (reservoirs) to be built to catch and store water from the monsoons for use during the dry months - much in the same way that the Nebateans did in Isael. So I got to sample some real village life in India - culture shock (only a mini one this time) no 2! Take a look at the piccies! (to follow...). We were staying in a village calleb Bikanpura near Tamagadgi in the Alwar district.

I will continue to travel with Krishna and Chandra Pal to Jaipur. After that, Krishna and I will then continue on to his home in Agra.

kidskids in Bhanwata village
village hutvillage hut in Bhanwata village

To tomorrow...

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