India Diary - 5 November 2001

I'm gonna really miss this country. I've learnt so much here, seen so much here, had so many new experiences here and met so many wonderful new people here. I've been planning (well reading the Lonely Planet guide book) my trip to Singapore etc. for a couple of days now and so I'm looking forward to my flight tonight, but I'll definitely be back!

Best and Worst

This is a purely personal list based on me, my experiences and whether I was in a good mode at the time or not. It's not comprehensive. I don't pretend that it's neccesarily the same list that anyone else would draw up, but it's mine, so there.

The best

  • Jaisalmer - for the fort and the desert
  • Udaipur - for the city palace, the lakes and the swimming pools
  • Ahmedabad - for the food, the students, the things that are hidden just under the surface
  • Palolem - for being so British!

The Worst

  • Agra - for being so overpriced
  • Delhi - for being so mean to 'Indian virgin travellers'
  • Buses - Horns, Roads, Hindi Videos

Well, that's all folks, I'm off on Quantus flight QF0124 this evening to Singapore. I'm excited and a little nervous...

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Created by Dan Leigh 7/11/01