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Date Place In a nutshell
6/11/01 Singapore It's so clean!
7/11/01 Singapore Shopping
8/11/01 Singapore The other side of the coin
09/11/01 Singapore Nightlife
10/11/01 Singapore/Malaysia Change of scene
11/11/01 Malaka, Singapore Drunk for the first time in ages!
12/11/01 Tanarata, Malaysia Hangover in paradise
13/11/01 Tanarata, Malaysia Films in the Highlands
14/11/01 Tanarata - Penang Travel
15/11/01 Penang, Malaysia Indian Chinese in SE Asia
16/11/01 Penang, Malaysia Critters
17/11/01 Penang, Malaysia - Ko Phi Phi, Thailand Buses, again!
18/11/01 Ko Phi Phi, Thailand Costa del Thailand
19/11/01 Ko Phi Phi, Thailand Advanced scuba 1
20/11/01 Ko Phi Phi, Thailand Advanced scuba 2
21/11/01 Ko Phi Phi, Thailand Sunbathing 1
22/11/01 Ko Phi Phi, Thailand Sunbathing 2
23/11/01 Ko Phi Phi - Bangkok, Thailand Bye Phi Phi, Hi Bangkok
24/11/01 Bangkok, Thailand
25/11/01 Bangkok, Thailand Culture
26/11/01 Bangkok, Thailand Backpacker world
27/11/01 Bangkok, Thailand shopping
28/11/01 Bangkok, Thailand - Vientiane, Laos Prisons, monks and buses
29/11/01 Vientiane, Laos It's Thai, mais c'est chouette ša
30/11/01 Vientiane - Vang Viene, Laos Tourist Town
01/12/01 Vang Viene, Laos Caving
02/12/01 Vang Viene, Laos Tubing
03/12/01 Vang Viene - Luang Prabang, Laos Minibuses are okay though
04/12/01 Luang Prabang, Laos Waterfall
05/12/01 Luang Prabang, Laos - Chiang Rai, Thailand 16valve skis
06/12/01 Chiang Rai, Thailand Global Citizen
07/12/01 Chiang Rai, Thailand Cabbages and Condoms
08/12/01 Chiang Rai, Thailand Motocross
09/12/01 Chiang Rai, Thailand Hot springs
10/12/01 Chiang Rai, Thailand Bye bye bikes
11/12/01 Chiang Rai, Thailand Bus to Bangkok
12/12/01 Bangkok, Thailand Shopping
13/12/01 Bangkok, Thailand - Singapore Flying out of here
14/12/01 Singapore Servas and Shopping
15/12/01 Singapore Food
16/12/01 Singapore - Sydney, Australia (maybe) Going to Australia?
Created by Dan Leigh 07/11/2001