India Diary - 2 November 2001

I'm afraid that there's not much to say over the next few days. A combination of not really doing very much and not being able to remember (I got a little bit behind with the diary!) means that I've not got much to write about. So what I'll do is write what I can remember and then try to summarise (blather on a bit to fill space) me trip in India...

Well I got my flight ticket confirmed by the most helpful and efficient person that I've met in India ("Of course, she works for an Australian company", as my companions put it), had a wander around the fort area of Mumbai / Bombay and then, well, erm not much (it's getting to be a bit of a habit!). I did meet up with Carmel.

I met Carmel for the first time in Mitzpe Ramon, Israel while I was staying with the Everett's. She's been living and working in India for the last thirty years or so. A great lady, who keeps herself busy, writing about and sculpting Indian culture.

I'm staying in the cheapest place in Mumbai (rs 130 for a dorm room), but you can see the most expensive place, The Taj, from our window. They can also see us taking a shower and using the toilet, but you probably didn't want to know that.

The most expensive hotel as seen from the cheapest

The guys

To tomorrow...

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