Australia Diary 5 January 2002

I went to the cricket today. It was the fourth (and in the end final) day of the test between South Africa and Australia.

The page now splits into two based upon whether you know the game of cricket or not:

Cricket loversCricket, what's that?

South Africa were forced to follow on after their disastrous performance the first innings. Luckily for us the last order batsmen rallied round and put on a really good performance, finally all out at around three o'clock. They left Australia chasing a modest total of 53 which took an hour or so. A most enjoyable afternoon's entertainment.

Right then, there are two teams, one in and one out. When the team that's in are all out, then they go out and the team that's out goes in, until they're all out. A test match is not a test at all but where the teams go in and out over several days until one of them wins - or doesn't. Clear? Good

I got to see not only both South Africa and Australia bat, but also the exciting climatic end to the game!


Sydney's annual squatting competition in full swing

"Did anyone see where the ball went?"

The police only arrested half a dozen fans from these stands

The member's and Ladies stands

The great Aussie tradition of the 'beer snake'.

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