New Zealand Diary 1 August 2002

I went walking on a glacier - again - today. The two of us (and a group of others) climbed over the surface of Frans Josef glacier today. We also slid and slided around, through and around bits of it as well. It was a perfect day, sunny, cloudless, a great day for a swim. Only the icy pool looked just a couple of degrees too cold for me. A couple of mad fools did jump in for a refreshing dip - brrrr.

We drove up the coast to Okarito, 25 minutes away, but a world away from even the chilled out Frans Josef. The village of just a handful of houses sits quietly on the coast. With just one road in and out of the town, no shops and beautiful wall to wall scenery this place is as close to the back end of beyond as you can comfortably get. We stayed in a self-contained cottage with beach and mountain views. Pure luxury.

To tomorrow

Created by Dan Leigh 03/08/02