New Zealand Diary 23 July 2002

I spent this morning wandering around a couple of the museums that I hadn't got to yet in town before heading up the peninsula to see some wildlife. Dunedin and Otago's main draw for tourists is its wildlife. They are blessed with many different types of birds and marine life in this part of the world. My tour took in albatross, yellow eyed penguins and seals, plus a few other critters that popped up from the edges. I was very lucky. I didn't spend the extra 20 bucks to see the albatross chicks, but managed to catch one of the adults flying back to the nest in order to feed them. The penguins that we saw hung around for ages on the beach. They waited just long enough for all of the other tour groups to leave, before waddling and jumping up the tracks, at times not even a metre away from the hides that we were standing in. A truly wonderful sight.

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Created by Dan Leigh 23/07/02