New Zealand Diary 12 July 2002

It's a clear bright morning, so it looks like we could be sky diving after all...

Well, as the pictures above show, I did end up falling out of a perfectly good aircraft. It was, surprisingly one of the most relaxing so called 'adrenaline' sports that I've yet done. There was no sensation of falling as such, just a feeling of hanging in the middle of space. This feeling of weightlessness was only spoiled by the loud rushing sound of the air speeding past me as I fell.

The whole jump was a highlight in itself. One of the very best bits was the forward roll that the tandem master and I did while falling out of the plane. It seemed as though the plane and the rest of the world circled us as the plane fell away - rather than the other way round. Most of the pictures above were taken once the parachute had been opened. We got to see the glacier, the surrounding mountains and off over to the sea.

From Fox Glacier, we jumped back onto the bus to Haast.

To tomorrow

Created by Dan Leigh 12/07/02