New Zealand Diary 6 July 2002

This morning's walk took us from Bark Bay north through Oneahuti Beach over the hill to Awaroa Lodge. The lodge is set in stunning surroundings, and during the summer offers hot meals, coffees nd accommodation to trampers and day trippers. Unfortunately it's closed during the winter. From here we caught an Aqua Taxi back down the coast to Marahau, our accommodation and new traveling companions - but not my sleeping bag. I expected it to be waiting for me on the bus, but apparently it was lost, stolen or otherwise permanently borrowed by some scabby backpacker -still, if you're that desperate mate, to take someone's sleeping bag (black and bright purple) with matching (neon pink) silk liner you're obviously in dire need of keeping warm. May it give you good service - and embarrassment in its use..

To tomorrow

Created by Dan Leigh 06/07/02