New Zealand Diary 30 June 2002

We've been driving in and around some of the mountains of the north island for the last couple of days - not that I'd know. There's been so much cloud however that we've not been able to see anything. That all changed today, well not the cloud, but I did get to see a mountain. This mountain even had snow on it as well - hurrah!

I jumped off the bus again today, this time at a place called 'Bulls', as in afford-a-bull, socia-bull and 'the only place where you can get milk from Bulls'. They've every pun in the book - and loads more that you just wish that they hadn't dreamt up to boot. I got off here as it's the closest place to Palmeston North where I want to be tomorrow.

Palmeston North is not really a tourist destination. However it is the place where the company that makes my hockey goalkeeping equipment is based. I thought that I'd try and pop in to have a look around and see the mad people that make my gear.

I'm staying with Servas hosts here in town. Elizabeth and Brian are a lovely couple, originally from the UK, but have lived in as varied countries as Denmark and Africa before settling in New Zealand. Their food is just too good, I have been spoiled rotten. Take a look at some of the recipes that I've picked up while I've been staying with them.

To tomorrow

Created by Dan Leigh 30/06/02