New Zealand Diary 28 June 2002

Well I was supposed to go sky diving today - but the weather was against me. We went for a bike ride instead to catch a look at the rather impressive Huka falls and the superb 'craters of the moon' thermal park (which is free for all you backpackers out there). Absolutely exhausted (well I was anyway), we then prepared ourselves for climbing up telegraph poles.

We'd booked onto Rock n Ropes, an outdoors education / scary / self discovery / scary / adventure type afternoon. This involved climbing up a telegraph pole and then maneuvering your way to another one, by various different means. In one case, there were three cables suspended - like a rope bridge. In another, there were only two cables. A third had you walking across a beam - forwards, then backwards (did I mention that I don't particularly like heights - this one was nasty). The final test was to climb up a pole, stand on the top and then leap out and up to catch a trapeze suspended from cables away from the pole - urghh. Last but definitely worst was the giant swing, only you swung down from a ma-hu-sive pole attached only by your climbing harness to a cable attached to another ma-hu-sive pole a way away. Everybody screamed or swore on this one. A superb day - heavily recommended!

There were thermal pools at the campsite that we were staying at. I needed a dip to relax after all of that!

To tomorrow

Created by Dan Leigh 28/06/02