New Zealand Diary 22 June 2002

The bus trip starts here! I finally decided to catch a bus tour for the rest of my trip through New Zealand. My little self-drive up to Northland and back was the deciding factor for me. I had a great time, but it was hard work and I only had myself and the radio for company and I can get a bit much at times - ask anyone!

We stopped of at Mt Eden, momaunga whau in Maori, on the way out of town. Our first night on the trip was spent at Whale Bay in Raglan. We also did a brief walk down to bridal veil falls earlier in the day.

Whale Bay has the largest left-hand break in the world ant is a real mecca for surfers. The place that we stayed at is also a bit of a surfers hangout - although there was only one dood there while we were there. Although the surf wasn't up to much, there was a great adventure assault course (playground) and a 'flying fox', death slide or zip line, as your language dictates. Good fun it may have been during the day, excellent laugh it definitely was at night in the pitch black darkness! A group of us also went out hunting for glow worms in the forest that evening.

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