South East Asia (Thailand - Singapore) Diary 13 December 2001

I'm flying to Singapore this afternoon. Thailand's been great, but it is definitely time to be moving on!

I bumped into Neil and Audrey that I met in Udaipur, India briefly last night. I was wandering around a different section of the tourist ghetto, minding my own business, when a taxi pushed pass me and the lady I was walking with. The taxi stopped, a head popped out of the window and said, "hello!". I knew that Neil and Audrey were going to Oz, but I didn't realise that they were heading to Thailand as well. I failed to meet up with them last night and had no luck despite looking all over the place for them this morning. I had one of those feelings, y'know, like somebody up there thinks that it is time for a little joke. Sure enough, they walked past the airport bus that I had just got on just as we were leaving. My utterance of, "Sh*t!" shocked the whole bus into looking round at me, thinking that I'd lost my bag, passport, or forgot to buy Granny a present or something equally drastic.

Oh well, never mind guys, I'll see youse in Sydney for that bottle of wine for sure!

Global Citizen Continues
I'm flying PIA (Pakistan Airways) from Bangkok to Singapore. I have just been asked, in Pakistani, whether I'm fasting at the moment. Despite just getting a rather confused look, she asked three times before resorting to English. Yet another country that I can add to my list of possible nationalities!

To tomorrow...

Created by Dan Leigh 13/12/01