South East Asia (Thailand) Diary 8 December 2001

The plan was to head out to a guest house in a local Akha village (one of the hill tribes of the area), dump out stuff and motor around the area for the rest of the day. Things didn't quite go according to plan.

We got to the village, just a little bit later than we intended. About three hours later. The map that we had showed roads where in actual fact there were mud, well tracks would really have been too kind, but the word will have to do. Put it this way, motocross cross country bikes would have been much more appropriate than the little scooters that we had. We were (well I was) exhausted by the time that we'd scaled the near vertical accent up to the village itself. So we just chilled out, went for a swim in the local waterfall and then crashed out.

A flower, Annik and Eva

The Akha village that we stayed at

The kids playing netball

My room by candlelight

Me at a local shower

To tomorrow...

Created by Dan Leigh 9/12/01