South East Asia (Laos) Diary 6 December 2001

People always ask you where you are from. It's natural. I have one of those faces that confuses. When I was in Israel, people thought that I was Israeli. When I was on holiday on one of the Greek islands, they thought that I was a local. In France I've been mistaken for a native. They weren't sure, even when I traveled in India. Some swore that I was from Kashmir!

I knew that this game of cultural masquerade that I was playing would stop in South East Asia. I definitely do not look Asian, or so I thought. I've had people both in Singapore and Thailand think that I was from there! I am a true Global Citizen (I just need to learn the languages now). The only country where people always ask me where I'm from is my own - England.

To tomorrow...

Created by Dan Leigh