South Africa Diary 24 August 2002

The owner of the hostel that I'm staying at took me for a tour around town today. I got to see the Waterfront, Indian area and town centre... I've been incredibly lucky to be able to have seen so much of the place considering that I'm only here for a day - and that's another story....

...I was supposed to be in Drakensburg today, yesterday and maybe the day before. However, I'm obviously not. It all went a bit 'pear' shaped (wrong). Anyway, I'm glad that I've managed to see the city here, it's an incredibly vibrant and interesting place. I only wish that I had a few more days to explore it. Unfortunately though I've got to travel up to Jo'burg tomorrow in preparation for a five day safari that leaves on Monday.

To tomorrow

Created by Dan Leigh 24/08/02