South Africa Diary 17 August 2002

I got a lift to Knysna just down the coast. The road gives you some great views. Over to the sea on the right and across the mountains, rivers and lakes to the left. I even saw the fabled island on the way through - god knows how I missed it yesterday!

It's raining in Knysna, quéllè suprise. I spent the afternoon therefore in the only logical place - the bar. The last match of the Tri Nations competition was being shown. The competition is between New Zealand, Australia and South Africa. The final match was between Oz and SA. Australia needed four more tries and a 26 points difference to win the overall competition. They lost the match, and so NZ won. Oh well. It was a great match though which almost made up for it!

To tomorrow

Created by Dan Leigh 17/08/02