South Africa Diary 15 August 2002
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Thinking that it I really should do something, if not productive, at least energetic, I went for a walk through Wilderness national park up to a waterfall. It's an interesting walk along a steep sided valley to a, let's be honest rather small (but perfectly formed) waterfall at the end. The walk (or scramble) back along the other side was more interesting as the river and the multitude of bird life was in view for much of the time. I had dinner in a great little restaurant in town; a seafood laksa, but without the seafood! The owner had spent time working around hotels, restaurants, pubs and cafes in the UK learning is trade after deciding to give up his five businesses in Jo'burg. Settling down in Wilderness he looks for the most part contented and relaxed. That is apart from his up hill battle to try and educate the South African palette. South Africans like their meat. From the dried biltong to steak, with very little variation. They've a long way to go before they start eating that 'foreign muck'!

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Created by Dan Leigh 16/08/02