South Africa Diary 14 August 2002
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I moved on today just a little way down the coast. There are so many places to stop off at that it's almost impossible to pick where to go. The local guide book does it's best to help out, but is so enthusiastic about everywhere that life is made more difficult than ever!

Wilderness, the place that I ended up choosing was a real find though. The place is delightful. It's like a fairy tale, with a tiny train station, 'Fairy Knowe' at the bottom of the garden[Click to enlarge image], horses in the yard, two dogs and a pig run around. Scooter, the younger of the two dogs is constantly playing with Beaver [Click to enlarge image] the 'entertainment manager' of the hostel. I (rather out of character) got hideously drunk on Mitchell's 90 shilling ale, the local dark bitter like brew.

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