South Africa Diary 10 August 2002
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Okay, so I feel a little worse for wear today, but at least my bag and I were finally reunited.

What better way to cure a hangover than climb the 1000 odd metres up the side of Table Mountain. This mountain overshadows the city and is right at the back of our hostel (one of the toilets even has a pair of binoculars installed so that you can take a closer look whilst contemplating other matters).

Climbing the mountain in the middle of the day was not such a good idea! It's supposed to be winter, but it must have been in the mid twenties and blazing sunshine. It's a tough walk to the top of the mountain - good, but long and tough. Having made it to the top I decided to take the cable car down. It took around two hours to walk up and three minutes by cable car to come down again!

To tomorrow

Created by Dan Leigh 10/08/02