Australia Diary 26 April 2002

I hate computers. I've said it before, I'll say it again and many people won't believe me. I tell you though, the feeling's mutual, and malicious from the electronic end. I am at the moment, amongst other things, creating a website for the company that I'm working for. It's virtually finished, after I finally got the rest of the copy (text information) to go up onto it. All I've got to do is to fix one technical bit that's not working (sub-contractors, "If a job's worth doing, do it yourself" - 'nuff said) and the load it up and it's live, hurrah!

However, the internet's not working. Not only the link that connects the company to the internet (I can get round that), but also the link between where the website lives and the rest of the internet (this one I can't do anything about). So, there's very little that I can do at the moment exept sit here and twiddle my thumbs...

Count the computers!


To tomorrow

Created by Dan Leigh /03/02