Australia Diary 7 April 2002

Well we're on the final stretch today, from Threabo we're gonna be going all the way back to Sydney.

We stopped off at Canberra, the capital of Australia to see Parliament House. It's a very interesting building to see and I'd recommend going on one of the free tours that take you round the place. It's especially interesting for me coming from the UK as the Australian government is based on the British system of Parliament - even down to having the same colours for the two sections (red and green). There is also more information about the building itself available on the government website.


Arthur Boyd's painting. Can you spot the bird in the painting? Click for the answer

and final tapestry. In the main entrance hall. Can you spot the bird and Halley's comet? Click for the answer

Captain Cook's memorial fountain

The car after its long ordeal.


of the trip.

To tomorrow

Created by Dan Leigh 17/04/02