Australia Diary 3 April 2002

Took it easy today. We had a bit of a swim, took a bicycle tour around the city and generally chilled out.

One of Melbourne's many trams.

The hook turn - or 'how to turn right by turning left'.

This special little road dance is performed (as far as I know) only in Melbourne.

"To turn right at busy junctions in the city centre requires what is known as a 'hook turn', which is indicated by the "right turn from left only" sign. This is how to do a hook turn - stay in the left lane, then when the light is green, proceed into the middle of the intersection and stop. Indicate that you are turning right. When the lights on the street go red, and the lights on the street you are turning into turn green, you have the right of way and may then proceed into the left lane of the street you are turning into. The cars waiting to go straight on the street you are turning into then follows you. Confusing? Well, yes, it confuses me (and a lot of non-Victorians) too. :-) The reason this is necessary is because, in the city centre, cars are not allowed to travel on the tramlines, and before hook turns were introduced, cars would turn right and a tram would slam straight into the car, with disastrous consequences for all concerned. "
The quote was taken from this guy's website.

Still confused? This website's animation shows how it all works.

Luckily I didn't have to turn right whilst I was in Melbourne (strange, but the truth!)


To tomorrow

Created by Dan Leigh 15/04/02