Australia Diary 2 April 2002

We caught the Queenscliff - Sorento car ferry the next morning across the bay. I saw dolphins playing alongside the boat on the way over. From Sorento, where we stopped off to take some piccies, we meandered up the coast up into Melbourne.

They've got the coolest unmarked police cars down here. We passed a couple and even parked next to one whilst taking a look at the Melbourne grand priz track. It was one of the posh Ute vans that the youf down here drive (when daddy's got lots of money!).

Click to see the Melbourne Grand Prix track map

Melbourne's comedy festival was on while we were in town, so it would have been rude not to have popped along to see one of the acts. We ended up going to see Paul McDermott, who to be honest, didn't have a very good night i.e. he wasn't very funny! Still, it might be a culture thing.


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