Australia Diary 1 April 2002

Well, what more could happen after last night's excitement? Well after making and eating breakfast, chatting for a while, sorting out and packing away the tent and all the rest of our stuff back into the car, there was this awkward moment while we were sitting side by side in the front of the car. Eventually I turned to Em and asked, "So, can I have the keys please.". She looked at me with a glance that said as clear as the morning sun rising over the fields, "But, you've got them". There is only one word that adequately sums up the feeling, "F*ck". In fact the film Four Wedding and a Funeral's entire first scene pays homege to the word.

We spent about two hours searching. We looked in all of the obvious places, the tent, the food boxes, bags, in the car, under the seats, under the car, on the way to the toilet, around the campsite, we ended up even roping the kids on the campground in to help hunt for the things (reward offered). In the end, we decided that there was nothing for it but for Em to go to Apollo Bay again, call her parents and ask them to courier the spare set out to us. I, meanwhile would wait by the car (we couldn't lock it) and wait.

One final look around (spurred on by one of the guys from the campsite), eventually turned them up - in my rucksack. The rest of this is hearsay and wouldn't stand up in a court of law, but based on

  • Fact No.1 I had not seen the keys all morning; and
  • Fact No.2 Em had taken them to the loo and back, and then started cooking breaky from around the boot;

I'm guessing that they probably got knocked into my pack, to disappear to the bottom once I threw my clothes on top. Needles to say of course that everyone in the campsite just thought that I'd been hoarding them, making me look like a right pr*t.

Found them!

Eventually we got going and continued our tour along the Great Ocean Road. We drove back to Apollo bay (at a much more leisurely pace). It's a lovely little town and a great place to break up the Great Ocean Road journey. We went swimming - "Oh mi god it was cold".

The section between Apollo Bay and Lorne is spectacular - much more so than further west. Although there aren't the stunning outcrops in the 12 Apostle vein, the road itself is cut right into the side of the mountain side. So you end up with the forest on one side of the car and the roaring see on the other.

Portrait view

We ended up in Queenscliff this evening and stayed in what must be one of the best YHA's in the world. The Queenscliff Inn in Sorento was simply luxury for us after all that traipsing around in the tent. It was definitely about time that we spoiled ourselves.

Queenscliff - looking West, back towards the Great Ocean Road.

Queenscliff inn

To tomorrow

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