Australia Diary 29 March 2002

Our little friend, the red-necked wallaby, came to visit us this morning while Dan was trying to cook brekkie (breakfast).

Another Photo of the little guy

Plan for today - to walk up the Pinnacles, which Cathy had told us about the night before.

The Pinnacles was brilliant - definitely worth the clamber up the rockface to the top. We sat on one of the rocks overhanging the valley and had lunch looking over Halls Gap and the lake below.

More pictures

Then we headed up to the northern part of the Grampians and our first dirt road (near olive groves). From here, the car starts to get that proper travellers grimey look. We saw some Aboriginal art which was amazing.

Gariwerd as the Aboriginals call the Grampians is of great significance to them. Gulgurn Manja (pronounced Gulkan Munya), is the art site that we visited. The words translate as 'Hands of young people', and this is what we saw there. There are handprints of children on the wall which were painted with a mixture of ground ochre and egg yolk or water. In addition to the childrens' handprints, there are emu prints (the three pronged images) painted onto the walls.

Looking out from the Aboriginal art site

Emu tracks

We then drove to Horsham (the town where Dan is from in the UK). What a hole (the Aussie version). Here are the stunninng piccies of the town...

We then headed back to our campsite. By the time we returned (about 6.30pm) there wasn't enough space to swing a wallaby. It was Easter weekend! We made more curry and chipatis for dinner while our Aussie compatriates knocked up a damper. I'll get a recipe for this very Australian dish.

Marshmellows for desert!

To tomorrow

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