Australia Diary 20 March 2002

Had Jen, Jamie and Simon and Kevin over for dinner - like you care.

I'll tell you the story about the Inland Revenue instead, that's much more interesting.

I got an email from my folks the other day. They said that they had got a letter from the Inland Revenue (our tax office) demanding that I supply self-assessment forms (forms that you fill in every year to declare your earnings and tax liability) for the last two years, oh, and have a he-a-uge (big) fine for not having done it the last time that they asked me.

Eh? But? What? Bugger! I haven't been in the country for 10 months. I hadn't had any letters asking for any information - and neither had my parents. I'd been working PAYE (Pay As You Earn - you pay your tax as you work) for almost three years - my tax should all be very simple and straightfroward.

Anyway, after my dad had a chat with them, it turned out that I did in fact owe some additional tax, but given the fact the the sum amount was 2p (work it out in your own UCC currency) they decided to write the loss off and cancel the fine - phew.

I go on holiday on Sunday hurrah!

To tomorrow

Created by Dan Leigh 20/03/02