Australia Diary 14 March 2002

Yet another long day at the office. This is starting to become a bad habit.

Still, on the positive side, I finished the Lord of the Rings series of books today - hurrah. I tried to read the books before seeing the film and failed miserably. I maybe read 10 pages or so, but the books never really grabbed me. Mainly, I have to admit, I got confused with all the bizzare names! I've saw the film (5 Feb 02) and thought that I'd try the books again. They were much, much easier after seeing the film. Okay, there are (for me) some long, even dare I say it, rather boring bits to wade through ( I was never really a great Dungeons and Dragons fan as a kid ), but there is a great simple story-line that pulls you along through the book.

Reading the Appendices is both fascinating and scary at the same time. The attention to detail that has gone into creating the world, the peoples, languages and customs is amazing.

To tomorrow

Created by Dan Leigh 20/03/02