Australia Diary 13 March 2002

Back at Jen's tonight.

I can't remember whether it was this time, or the last, but we went for a jog one evening. Now I don't do running, I've never done running. I even play in goal at hockey specifically to avoid running too much! So for me to go running shows a real desperation to make an attempt to get fit.

Australia's a great country. Lots of good food, drinks (apart from beer) and hence I've got that problem of generally eating and siting around a bit too much. I must do more exercise (or at least spend a lot of time thinking about it and telling people how I must do more - without actually doing any...).

Nope, I really must get myself into some sort of shape as I'll be sitting in a car for two weeks soon on this Adelaide trip. I won't have much opportunity for exercise then.

To tomorrow

Created by Dan Leigh 20/03/02