Australia Diary 26 February 2002

All cultured up I was today.

I was invited to 'Adult Themes' at the city Recital Hall in Angel Place this evening. Now here was me thinking that it'd turn out to be all smutty (rude!), however I couldn't have been more wrong.

I got to listen to Danse de l'extase (Brophy), the overture from Dongiovanni (Mozart) and Elgar's Symphony no.1 in A flat. Not only that, but Richar Gill, the conductor then went on to describe each piece, how it worked and what the composer was up to when he wrote it. All in all a very educational and cultured evening.

But I do think that the orchestra could have played naked without distracting too much from the music...

To tomorrow

Created by Dan Leigh 05/03/02