Australia Diary 24 February 2002


Tropfest is the world's largest short film festival, according to their web site. The idea is to make a short film (less than 7 minutes) that includes a signature item nominated by the organisers. This year's item was a match. The films are wittled down to 16 finalists, and the competition culminates in a night in the Domain where all of the finalists' films are shown. The judging is live on that night.

Okay, that's the official story.

It's just an(other) excuse for Sydneysiders to go and sit in a park, eat food and get drunk. In fact, most of them left just after the last film was shown and before the winner was announced. To be honest, having being forced to sit through the amateurish comparing and general drivel spouted by John Polsen, the guy that started the festival, I can understand why so many people leave early.

The films were great fun to watch, and varied in content from a terrorist trying to light his shoe, to a first date with a poo in her purse!

The trop fest at dusk

Can't you just all stand still, I'm trying to take a picture...

It's the spot Bryan Brown competition...
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To tomorrow

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