Australia Diary 20 February 2002

Words are wierd things. Even when you speak the same language as somebody else, there will always be different ways to say things...

UK English Aussie
fair dinkum The absolute truth (only spoken by a drunk person)
Hello G'day
No problem No worries
crook ill / sick
Pint of Beer The subject of Austraian beer measures can be very confusing. a lady's waist used to be either a 5 or 7 once measure of beer once served only in the parlour of a pub in New South Wales, but in Queensland it was known as a 'glass' because it was taken as a chaser to a glass or shot of neat rum. In New Wouth Wales a schooner is somewhat short of a pint (425ml vs 568ml). A pint is known as a pot i nVictoria. In New South Wales a pint is a pint, but never has been sold as such because there were no glasses to hold that measure. a pot used to be a 7 ounce in Western Australia, where a schooner was 10 ounces, but in South Australia if you wanted a Coopers you had to ask for a bottle because only West End was sold in glasses or off the tap. In Tasmania a glass of Cascade is sold as a 'glass', while in Queensland XXXX comes in stubbiew or tinnies. Other glasses include a middy and a pony, while bottled and/or canned beer comes in various sizes - including a longneck, stubby, throwdown and tinny (also known as a 'tube'). Just ask for a beer.
(Taken from the "new dinkum aussie dictionary", Richard Beckett)


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