Australia Diary 10 February 2002

It's about time that I came clean.

It's something that I said that I'd never do (but then rules are meant to be broken) but I'm seeing (going out with) my boss (Emma, the lass that I keep mentioning all the way through my diary - keep up!). Very strange, but very nice. Okay, move on...

Canyoning today. Superb fun. Imagine if you will going for a walk through the countryside - only instead of the countryside, you'll be walking through a river. That's more or less canyoning. Throw in a couple of abseils and leaps down waterfalls and you're almost there.

I took my little waterproof camera hoping to get some nice shots of the day, but it decided to throw its toys out of the pram (i.e. not work properly), so instead I'd recommend that you check out the website of the canyoning company that we went with instead.

To tomorrow

Created by Dan Leigh 11/02/02