Australia Diary 8 February 2002

Would you believe that it's the middle of summer over here in Australia? Not if you take a look at the following pictures. We had hail in the middle of Sydney

That's real ice you can see there!

Pretty rainbow

Emma had a concert to play over in Double Bay (or Double Pay as it's also known. This is due to the inordinantly wealthy people that live there). I had a wander around Rose Bay and then back up to Wolsely Road - one of the most esclusive addresses in Sydney.

What a day. I just missed the lightening strike with this photo.

Dad, what plane is this then?
It's a great way to commute to the office!

You can just about see the Harbour Bridge in the background.
The houses and units on this street have unrivalled views across the harbour.

Emma and I went out for an excellent Japanese meal after the concert. The restaurant is in Darlinghurst and is called the Uchi Lounge. Look it up if you're in the area. I especially recommend the Saki cocktails.

Lychee Saki on the right (the lychee is very alcoholic) and an excellent nutty
cocktail on the left whose name I've forgotten.

To tomorrow

Created by Dan Leigh 08/02/02