Australia Diary 2 February 2002

I went to see Mulholland Drive, David Lynch's new film today. It's a great film, if more than a bit confusing for most of the way through. It's well worth a look, but you may have to sneak a look at an explanation of what's been going on after the film's over (I did!). Don't look before you go to watch the film though as it'll be ruined for you! The cinema (Dendy) is right on Circular Quay - a great location and a great little cinema.

One thing that the Aussies have got right is their cinema ice cream. 'Choc Tops' sort out the problem of having melting ice cream dripping down your hand and into your lap when it's dark and you can't really see what you're eating. They're an ice cream cone with good gelato (what the Australians call 'posh' ice cream as opposed to the 'Mr Wippy' soft scoop) on top which is then dipped in chocolate. The whole thing resembles a giant Malteser sitting on top of a cone. They taste great, and don't drip - what more do you need!

The 'Opera in the Park' followed directly on from the film. Sydney, and Australia in general for that matter, is rather keen on the opera. They've got an opera hall as one of their major tourist attractions after all. Now I've never seen an opera before, so I couldn't pass up the oppurtunity to see 'La Traviata' being played in the open air (for free). It was good - everything that I'd imageined it to be - big voices, big people, lots of singing in Italian (I think). The sur titles (like sub titles, but over the top of the stage) were very useful - staved off the bordem as it meant that I could follow the story. The night even ended up as it should - with the 'fat lady singing'.

Opera in the park

Me at the opera - a site you won't often see!

La Traviata in full swing

The enthralled crowd

A view back to the city

The fat lady has sung.

To tomorrow

Created by Dan Leigh 05/02/02