Australia Diary 26 January 2002 - night

There wasn't enough space to put all the pictures onto one page, so the day continues over here...

The fireworks in Darling harbour were spectacular. They were comparable with the ones over New Year - only lower and more contained. This added a real sense of fear to the occasion, especially as the ash from the fireworks rained down on you from about half-way through!

I met up with Jen and the guys tonight to have a swift drink down in Darling Harbour. It gives you another chance to have a gander at them!

A particularly bad shot of me, but then again, what is Simon up to?

SHOCK! They actually serve pints of beer in this bar!

If you're gonna fall off your chair, then do it with style!

It's a really pretty harbour.

To tomorrow

Created by Dan Leigh 30/01/02