Australia Diary 7 January 2002

More job searching today. The market is quite depressed as Australian's don't seem to work between Christmas, which starts as early here as it does in most of the rest of the Western world i.e. October and Australia day. Now Australia day is 26 January, so I think that I've probably got a few more weeks of sitting around on my backside, generally doing very little in the sun!

The sun in Australia is not the same sun as the rest of the world gets. It's strange. The country is not actually that hot at the moment (Has he gone mad? Doesn't he know that the temperature's in negative figures over most of Europe at the moment? Okay, so it's all relative, but compared to say when I was in Israel and India, the ambient air temperature isn't that hot, but...), but get out of the shade and into the sun and it'll burn you to a crisp in under 30 seconds flat. I've been living under the Sun now for around seven months (it's a tough life!) and I'm pretty used to it by now and I always (well sometimes, well actually not that often, but anyway...) wear sunscreen of only about factor 4 and I've not been burnt - not once in all my travels. Here though, I'm using factor 30+ and it still feels as if someone is playing an oxy-acetelene torch over my skin. It's no wonder then that the typical 18 year-old Aussie has the same skin condition as a thirty-odd year old person from Europe.

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Created by Dan Leigh 09/01/02