Australia Diary 1 January 2002

Today I mostly just recovered.

The bush fires are still burning. This picture was taken from Balmain, one the inner west suburbs of Sydney. The fires are so close that the smoke hasn't yet risen properly into the air. Bizzarely, most of these bush fires have been set deliberately. It's virtually impossible to believe, but around 20 people, of all ages, from kids to pensioners have been arrested already - and the fires are still burning.

Emma says - "I think you should add that it's a supurb suburb - v. trendy, artistic, a few actors live there (eg Bryan Brown - who is the ultimate icon of Aussie-larrikin (It means trouble maker. It's an Australian word and I had to ask what it meant!) cool, and perhaps the only actor to have stolen the screen from Tom Cruise in Cocktail - you bewdy!)", and she lives there, so she should know!

To tomorrow

Created by Dan Leigh 03/01/02