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Date Place In a nutshell
17/12/01 Sydney Arrival
18/12/01 Sydney They let me in!
19/12/01 Sydney The sites
20/12/01 Sydney The beaches
21/12/01 Sydney Not a great deal
22/12/01 Palm Beach Beaches
23/12/01 Blue Mountains The Blue Mountains
24/12/01 Sydney It's almost Xmas
25/12/01 Sydney Xmas
26/12/01 Sydney An Aussie Boxing day
27/12/01 Sydney Relaxation
28/12/01 Sydney Indian in Oz
29/12/01 Sydney Videos
30/12/01 Sydney Drinks on the river
31/12/01 Sydney New Year's Eve!
01/01/02 Sydney Happy New Year!
02/01/02 Sydney Job search
03/01/02 Sydney Art & culture
04/01/02 Sydney Northern Beach Tour
05/01/02 Sydney Cricket
06/01/02 Sydney Sunday
07/01/02 Sydney The Sun
08/01/02 Sydney Pop quiz
09/01/02 Sydney Cheapskate
10/01/02 Sydney Got a job
11/01/02 Sydney Working life
12/01/02 Putty Beach Camping life
13/01/02 Putty Beach More camping
14/01/02 Sydney work
15/01/02 Sydney work
16/01/02 Sydney work
17/01/02 Sydney work
18/01/02 Sydney work
19/01/02 Sydney Under 18?
20/01/02 Sydney Sunday life
21/01/02 Sydney work
22/01/02 Sydney work
23/01/02 Sydney work
24/01/02 Sydney Uncle again!
25/01/02 Sydney Good Beer
26/01/02 Sydney Australia Day
26/01/02 Sydney Australia Night
27/01/02 Sydney Spit to Manly Walk
28/01/02 Sydney Long Weekend
29/01/02 Sydney Back to School
30/01/02 Sydney Getting fit
31/01/02 Sydney Mmmm, Pizza
01/02/02 Sydney Exchange a hotel for a pub
02/02/02 Sydney Opera on Mulholland Drive
03/02/02 Sydney Shopping
04/02/02 Sydney It can really rain
05/02/02 Sydney New Zealand Rings
06/02/02 Sydney Laksa
07/02/02 Sydney Friend from home
08/02/02 Sydney Hail, point piper & poncy uchi
09/02/02 Sydney TVs
10/02/02 Sydney Canyoning and coming clean
11/02/02 Sydney Ce Roc Aussie style
12/02/02 Sydney Happy New Year
13/02/02 Sydney No idea
14/02/02 Sydney Valantines day
15/02/02 Sydney Bill Bailey
16/02/02 Sydney My place
17/02/02 Sydney Freshwater
18/02/02 Sydney Vegemite Vs Marmite
19/02/02 Sydney ACO Music
20/02/02 Sydney Fair dinkum and other terms
21/02/02 Sydney Trying to find a website host
22/02/02 Sydney Siteseeing pt1
23/02/02 Sydney Siteseeing pt2
24/02/02 Sydney Trop Fest
25/02/02 Sydney Taronga Zoo
26/02/02 Sydney Adult themes
27/02/02 Sydney Plug hole
28/02/02 Sydney Sunset
01/03/02 Sydney Beers in the rocks
02/03/02 Sydney Beach, Mardi Gras
03/03/02 Sydney Strathfield
04/03/02 Sydney Dancing
05/03/02 Sydney Late night working
06/03/02 Sydney Let me hair down
07/03/02 Sydney Diary Woes
08/03/02 Sydney dwinky-poos
09/03/02 Hunter Valley Wines pt1
10/03/02 Hunter Valley Wines pt2
11/03/02 Sydney Jen's
12/03/02 Sydney Long day at work
13/03/02 Sydney Jen's
14/03/02 Sydney Work
15/03/02 Sydney Brotherhood of the wolf
16/03/02 Sydney Manly
17/03/02 Sydney Plan the route - merc
18/03/02 Sydney Momento film
19/03/02 Sydney Long night working
20/03/02 Sydney Dinner with a side dish of tax
21/03/02 Sydney work
22/03/02 Sydney Bye Simon
23/03/02 Sydney Kate's Party
24/03/02 Sydney - Wagga Wagga (NSW) 490km Trip starts here
25/03/02 Wagga (NSW) - Echuca (Vic) 320km Wildlife and beer
26/03/02 Echuca (Vic) - Bendigo (Vic) 100km Hangovers, Paddlesteamers and rain
27/03/02 Bendigo (Vic) - Halls Gap (Vic) 270km XXXX, Guildford and Tyres
28/03/02 Halls Gap (Vic) - Ballarat - Halls Gap Tyres
29/03/02 Halls Gap (Vic) Walking in the Grampians
30/03/02 Halls Gap (Vic) - Port Fairy (Vic) The Great Ocean Road
31/03/02 Port Fairy (Vic) - Cape Otway (Vic) Arachnophobia
01/04/02 Cape Otway (Vic) - Queenscliff (Vic) Keys
02/04/02 Queenscliff (Vic) - Melbourne (Vic) Dolphin watching
03/04/02 Melbourne (Vic) Bike ride
04/04/02 Melbourne (Vic) - Beechworth (Vic) Ned Kelly Country
05/04/02Beechworth (Vic) - Thredbo (Vic)The long way round
06/04/02Thredbo (NSW)Wot no snow
07/04/02Thredbo (NSW) - Sydney (NSW) 500kmCanberra
08/04/02SydneyShock to the system
09/04/02SydneyLast day of work
10/04/02SydneyCatching up
11/04/02SydneyCatching up
12/04/02SydneyIt's my BIRTHDAY
13/04/02Sydneya little hungover
14/04/02SydneyNot much
15/04/02SydneyI can work again
16/04/02SydneyWork again
18/04/02SydneyWorking too hard!
19/04/02SydneyHair cut blog
21/04/02SydneyBag blues
23/04/02SydneyKeep in touch
25/04/02SydneyAnzac day sook
26/04/02SydneyInternet blues
27/04/02 SydneyBBQ
28/04/02 SydneySigns
29/04/02 SydneyWebsite
30/04/02 Sydney Last day at the office
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