New Zealand Diary 18 July 2002

I'm staying with Marie, a Servas host, in Invecargill for the next couple of days. Marie is a kinesiologist and is also interested in Dr Peter J.D'Adamo's theories on diet and blood type. Kinesiology is, 'the science of muscle monitoring to access information directly from the body biofeedback system'. My understanding of the theory is that your muscles weaken when exposed to a stimulus that is incompatible with you e.g. when you lie or when you come in contact with a food that does not agree with you. Dr J.D'Adamo asserts that your diet should be determined by your blood group. As a group O, the earliest blood group (a hunter-gatherer no less), I should be avoiding carbohydrates (especially wheat) and eating mainly red-meat. I'm vegetarian - doh! Oh well!

To tomorrow

Created by Dan Leigh 18/07/02