Israel Diary 7

Israel diary - 7

All Change!

6 Aug 01
I'm a little behind myself, lots has happend in the last few days, so I'll try and bring you up to speed quickly with where I am and what's gone on before going into a few more details...

I was just leaving Hamadia the last time that I wrote. Well, after that, I spent two nights (fri and sat) in Bnei Yehuda, which was for me the most beautiful place in Israel so far on my trip. More of Bnei Yahuda and my wonderful hosts later... I then met up with Hélène in Tiberius and we caught the bus to Tel Aviv. Her story of the final days at Ashdot is shortly going to be serialised in a leading national newspaper (one of the tabloids, the offered to pay more), and they're also talking about the film rights now. I'll let her tell the story in her own words if she wants... So, anyway we met up with Audrey in Tel Aviv central bus station, had a bit of fun trying to get a bagel, then traveled on to Ramat Gan to Amos & Zehava's house where we spent the night. It's now four-thirty monday afternoon and I'm sitting in an internet cafe writing this on my palm (which I forgot to mention broke a couple of days ago - losing all my data) while Hélène (a brand new Servas member) sorts out her Hotmail {spit} account. The plan from here is not to go back to a kibbutz, but to keep traveling around the country, before I head back to the UK at the end of the month. So, that's more or less an overview of the last few days, I'll do my best now to fill in a few more of the juicy details!

Bnei Yahuda is a beautiful place. It's located up in the Golan on the eastern side of the Kinneret over looking the lake. I stayed with Naomi and Israel. I arrived Friday afternoon, had a swim in Israel's pool (he's the lifegard) and was then invited to the family's Shabbat (sabbath) meal. I have a few pictures of the evening. I have some of: me and Shir (it means song), Ayela and Danny, Naomi, Israel and Or (Light) and da boys. Now, apologies if I've put the wrong names to the pictures - my excuse is that I can only see them in black and white and they're the size of postage stamps on the palm!

Saturday was a day for fruit picking. Naomi took me to see a couple of views of the lake. The first was a wonderful place with breath taking views - and a tragic story. It was created in memory of a boy who died from cancer at the age of 16. His father arranged for the place, and there couldn't be a better memorial. There were people there having picnics and having a wonderful time - the place was full of life. The views:

view 1

view 2
were stunning.

The other place that we went to, the Peace Vista, was completely different. There was a paved terrace, a café - a bit too 'nice' in comparison, if you know what I mean. It did however have a saving grace: fruit, and lots of it! There are sabras (paw paw, prickly pears, figue de barbarie - comme tu veux!) and figs. I spent most of the rest of the day eating, sorry, picking figs and pommigranates (grenade).

After staying with Naomi, I traveled back to Tiberius (Teveria), met up with Hélène, and we continued south to Tel Aviv. This, the 2nd time in Tel Aviv I stayed with Amos and Zehava in Ramat Gan. A delightful couple who have traveled extensively with Servas (over 50 families in Australia alone), and decided to become area coordinators as a way of paying something back. While we were there, we did all the usual stuff: the beach, the beach... We also had a good look around Jafo. It's a picturesque area to wander around, and should definitely be added to the guide to Tel Aviv. I don't have any pictures to show you, I forgot my camera, sorry!

After Amos & Zehava's, we continued our treck south by staying with Helen...

The next installment.


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