Israel Diary 4

Israel diary - 4


I'll start by answering some questions posed from an email that I received a short while ago...

"Sounds more like a prison to me. Sure you’re in the right place?? I mean, have a quick look around….

Question: Answer:
Do all your companions have boiler suits with arrows on? well, they're called 'working clothes' here...
Antonio and Helen
, Dan and Audrey
….are there any guards The army
…Alsatians Mostly Labradors, but their are some yes. As well as other vicious creatures and other animals!
….watchtowers??? Yep
…. I thought it was all picking oranges in the sun-dappled groves, and defrauding nice Jewish girls of their virginity in the evening. Oh, well!………nope, I reckon it’s the kibbutz next door to yours where they work like that!!" I'm still looking for it! Escape plan C for Charlie is currently under way...

We are keeping our spirits up here. We play games to help pass the time. Swim, drink, dance, go out to the pub, discos, parties... Sometimes I'm not sure how we manage to keep going!

Things have settled done here into a pattern of work and play. We have all been here a minimum on three weeks and have gotten used to the way of life here. Most of us start early in the morning which leaves us with a good portion of the afternoon and evening to do all the things that make life worthwhile. As I write this, Antonio is busy studying English, Sing is studying the Bible and Audrey and Hélène are chatting. Later we're planning to head to another kibbutz down the road called Affakim. The pub there is an oasis in a dusty country. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, it serves one of the best pints of Guinness that I've had outside Dublin and secondly it's got the largest selection of single malt whiskeys that I've ever seen in one place in my life!

So, while things are relatively quiet here, let me take you on a little tour of our accommodation... Firstly there is the main social centre, the television room, this is where we chill out - and hey, catch up with the latest Nikkei and NASDAQ stock prices. If we move outside you will see the hallway off which are all our rooms. If you look carefully, you may just be able to see the luscious toilet and bathroom facilities. Halfway down the corridor, on the right hand side is my room which for those of you that know me is unusually tidy in the picture. I shall conclude the tour by leaving you with a picture of our home.

The next installment.


Created b y Dan Leigh 24 July 2001