India Diary - 3 October 2001

Still felt pants today, and I'm now a little bit miffed and worried, I've not had heat stroke that's lasted this long before. I also feel tired, have no energy, I've got a blinding headache - you get the general picture (I don't do being ill very well!). I've got myself booked in to see the doctor this morning.

He takes a quick look over me, checks my pulse, pushes and prods for a bit and then writes a whole load of scribbles down on a prescription sheet. "So, what's the diagnosis?", I ask. "P.U.O.", he answers, which must stand for something like 'winging tourist disorder' (Dad?) judging by the drugs:

  • Antibiotics
  • Painkillers
  • Anti-nausia medication
  • Anti-malerial medication (I'm angry about this, he didn't even ask me if I was taking any. You shouldn't double the dose)

"I want a Malaria test",
"You don't have Malaria",
"Even so...",
"Okay, pay the man outside."
One small stab with a (sterile) needle and half an hour later I was given the all clear. However (warning, another scary bit coming up...), while I was in the surgery, which was heaving with people, I noticed that everyone was getting the same treatment: A dextrose drip which the orderlies injected a couple of drugs into. While I was waiting, I thought that I'd asked what was wrong with all these people. I assumed they were dehydrated like me. "Oh no", the orderly said, "Malaria",
"What, all of them?", I inquired,
"Oh yes, and all the hospitals are full as well!".
I'm so glad that I've been taking my drugs religiously!

To tomorrow...

Created by Dan Leigh 4/10/01